Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Recovery Services are offered as a package or individually and follow the proprietary The Plahn Method™ protocol.  The Plahn Method™ phases take a systematic approach to carefully guide the addicted individual and their family along a path to lasting recovery.  Read more about The Plahn Method™ here.

Addiction Recovery Consulting

Working with Michael Plahn literally changed my life. I would recommend his services to anyone struggling with addiction or related mental health issues.
— Recovering addict, client

Having a child, spouse, parent or friend who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism can leave everyone feeling helpless.   Whether or not they need treatment, what type of services are necessary, and where to go can seem daunting decisions.   Even for the addict himself, it can feel overwhelming to get help.  Addiction recovery consulting provides much needed help to navigate the path to recovery, be it a full-service engagement from Intervention through long-term care, or a Recovery Specialist engagement during a crisis or to get back on track.   Michael and his team work with clients on an hourly or project basis to provide as much or as little help as is needed to create an effective recovery plan.  

The relationship between the afflicted individual and their Recovery Specialist can be the difference between successful continued recovery and the all too common relapse. When the relationship starts while the client is in treatment, the transition from a safe, stable treatment environment to their "real world" setting includes full monitoring of the client's progress as their customized recovery plan is developed.  Michael Plahn and his team envelop clients in an extremely high level of support, with a collaborative and accountable relationship so they can succeed in their recovery lifestyle. 

Drug, Alcohol and Behavioral Intervention Services

The approach Michael takes to intervention is a systematic, compassionate, and transparent one that raises the bottom to allow your loved one to accept help in a dignified manner.  You no longer have to believe you are powerless over drug addiction, alcohol or mental health issues and left helpless while you wait for a tragedy to occur.   Michael initiates a loving intervention process that eliminates pressure and replaces it with something that has likely been missing…hope.   Interventions with Michael are inclusive and comprehensive, leaving no detail overlooked - from the initial family meeting through the accompaniment to selected treatment facility. 

We cannot thank you enough for the time you spent helping our family. [Our son] has embraced recovery ... Thank you for our son and whole family.
— Mother of young adult recovering addict, client