He (or She) is in Recovery ... Now What?

Today, Michael Plahn was featured as a guest expert on Shatterproof.org, discussing the need and best practices for family involvement when a loved one is in recovery from drug addiction and/or alcoholism.  Here is an excerpt ...


Family is a key component of any recovery.   We all started somewhere and as a result tend to be affected in one way or another by our families.   In my practice, I often see family members that are so focused on getting help for their loved ones that they have long forgotten to help themselves.  Now that the loved one is in treatment, this focus can be a double-edged sword; if the families are not equipped for the changes their loved one is experiencing, they could threaten the recovery process.  Here's how they can prevent that from happening ... read more at Shatterproof.org.

About Shatterproof.org

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