The Plahn Method™ Phases of Recovery

The Plahn Method™ is designed with a personal understanding of the complex needs caused by addiction and related issues, counteracting the feelings of misery and hopelessness that often envelop all involved.  Drug and alcohol addiction (chemical dependency) along with dual diagnosis, create animosity and dysfunction throughout the family.  The mere thought of seeking help produces fear, confusion, and in many cases, despair.  The Plahn Method™ phases take a systematic approach to carefully guide the addicted individual and their family along a path to lasting recovery. 

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Formation, the first phase of The Plahn Method™, is designed to comfort, guide, and inform a concerned family member, or self-referring addicted individual, while their customized recovery program is developed.  This phase involves intake assessment and the creation of an individualized plan that will serve as the needed foundation throughout recovery. A defining component of the formation phase is The Plahn Method™ Family Meeting where - working together with the family - carefully selected treatment options are presented in such a way that even the most resistant individuals, and their loved ones, accept help and begin a path focused on long-term recovery from chemical dependency and dual diagnosis.  Compassionate Accompaniment™ is a signature service introduced in this phase, providing safe and reliable transport with a recovery professional companion to the designated next step in the process. 


As a result of the Formation process, the afflicted individual has accepted help and likely one of the presented treatment facilities where they will then go for detoxification, assessment, and initial treatment.  Their first transition is from acceptance of help to successful program admission, with the guidance of a Plahn Method™ Recovery Specialist and the Compassionate Accompaniment™ service.  The addicted individual is stabilized and their treatment process continues through the Stabilization Phase as a continuum of care closely guided by their Plahn Method™ Recovery Specialist, based on individual need.  As the addicted family member begins their initial programming, the concerned family members simultaneously begin work with their Plahn Method™ Family Specialist and are prepared for successful participation in the treatment facility’s Family Program. Proper preparation for a Family Program be a springboard of healing for the entire family, rather than result in a scarring embattled experience. Depending on intake recommendations, some family members will concurrently work with recommended counselors and professionals.

Transition planning is critical in this phase; proactive preparation for next steps (extended care, sober living, or moving ‘back home’) begin early – regardless of the length of an addicted individual’s stay at their selected treatment program.  The Plahn Method™ team actively solicits valuable input about aftercare recommendations from the treatment facility and professionals working with the family to create a successful transition - for everyone - to a ‘real world’ setting, and the next phase of recovery—Transformation.


After the newly recovering family member successfully completes the recommended treatment program(s) during Stabilization, the Transformation phase begins with Compassionate Accompaniment™ to their next step.  Once again, the same Plahn Method™ Recovery Specialist who has guided the addicted loved one from the moment they accepted help, is there for this critical time (discharge, travelling ‘back home’ or to the next ‘real world’ destination, and staying nearby for the first 3-4 days to ensure a smooth and successful re-integration).  A successful transition after Stabilization sets the stage for healing, growth, and change outside of the stable treatment environment in the many months following that are needed for continued progress, and to overcome addiction. 

During Transformation, the Plahn Method™ Family Specialist continues work with the concerned loved ones and has prepared them for a successful re-integration period.  The Plahn Method™ Recovery and Family Specialists coordinate integrated communication with various Recovery Team members, and hold the key to sustainable change and lasting recovery for the newly recovering loved one and participating family members.  As milestones are met and goals change, the Plahn Method™ Specialists are the driving force to help all involved stay accountable, keep evolving, and moving forward as individuals and a family.  The Transformation Phase is focused on helping each family member and the recovering loved one overcome the effects of addiction, improve the quality of their lives and find Lasting Recovery together, while forever changing their family system.

Lasting Recovery

The outcome of The Plahn Method™ is Lasting Recovery for the addicted individual and their family.  The addicted individual overcomes their addiction and develops a sincere preference for sobriety. The participating family members and the addicted loved one create dramatic positive change so profound, that they are best described as a ‘dream life’.  The following areas are often addressed:

  • Fitness                                                                       
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual growth
  • Psychological stability
  • Joy (metric to measure)
  • Happiness (metrics to measure)
  • Career success
  • Sobriety (free of drugs or alcohol)
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress management
  • Education/Degree advancement
  • Helping others (formal and informal service commitments)
  • ‘Gaining gratitude’
  • Healing family of origin issues
  • Healing current nuclear family issues